6 Worst Video Game Remasters

Occasionally, developers try to revamp classic games and sometimes they mess it up. Here are our picks for the 6 worst video game remasters. This list will include video game remasters that either made players disappointed or downright mad. Worst Big Budget Games Mafia II: Definitive Edition 2010’s Mafia II was oneContinue Reading

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog where I share my honest opinions on the latest games. Today I want to talk about why Redfall, the highly anticipated open-world co-op shooter from Bethesda, was a huge disappointment for me and many other gamers. First of all, let me say thatContinue Reading

If you are looking for a new way to watch and create live streams, you might want to check out Kick.com, the new streaming platform that is taking the internet by storm. Kick.com is a platform that allows users to stream and watch content in various categories, such as games,Continue Reading

modern warfare II

Modern Warfare II CALL OF DUTY : MODERN WARFARE II LAUNCH — EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE THE NEW ERA BEGINS WITH CAMPAIGN EARLY ACCESS* From Campaign Early Access to the start of Season 01, get ready for nonstop action in Modern Warfare® II. An Introduction to Call of Duty’sContinue Reading

warzone 2.0

CALL OF DUTY®: NEXT: CALL OF DUTY®: WARZONE™ 2.0 – AN ALL-NEW CALL OF DUTY: WARZONE FOR A NEW ERA OF CALL OF DUTY® CONTINUES NOVEMBER 16 The first official intel regarding the highly-anticipated sequel to one of the biggest Battle Royales of all time has dropped! Call of Duty®: Warzone™Continue Reading

overlay expert

Overlay expert Get overlays on your console with overlay expert Overlay expert is a great way to add overlay to your stream The only downfall is that it only shows on pc viewers but is is still a great start  for new streamers / console streamer as you do notContinue Reading