About Guest Star on twitch tv

Guest Star is a new tool that lets you easily bring up to 5 other Twitch users on stream, including other creators or viewers.

About Guest Star

(Guest Star is a new tool that lets you easily bring up to 5 other Twitch users on stream, including other creators or viewers.)

The Guest Star tool allows you to create “guest slot” browser sources that you can arrange in OBS, and then quickly add or change Guests that appear in that slot directly in Twitch.

Guest Star is currently in Beta – this means some planned features are still a work-in-progress. During the Beta, we are inviting a few hundred creators to use the product, test core functionality, and give us feedback on how to make the tool great for Twitch creators and their communities.

Creators with access to Guest Star during the Beta phase are invited to use it as often as they would like, and are welcome to talk about the tool with other creators or on social media!

Looking for help on getting everything up and running? Please check out our article Getting Started with Guest Star. If you are going to be a guest and need help setting up check out our Joining as a Guest Star Guest article.


Because Guest Star is still in Beta, only certain broadcasting software and web-browsers are currently well-supported. More browsers and broadcasting software will be supported in the near future. Additionally, Guest Star is currently only available on Desktop.

To have the best experience with Guest Star while it is in Beta you will need to use:

  • OBS (broadcasting software) – Hosts only, Guests don’t need OBS
  • Google Chrome (web browser)
  • Desktop (mobile not currently supported for creators or guests)

There are no operating system requirements for the Guest Star Beta.

Creative Thought Starters

Guest Star is an incredibly versatile tool and there is no right or wrong way to use it. But, if you are not sure how you want to use the tool yet, here are some thought-starters to get the creative juices flowing:

1:1 Interviews
Bring on a guest and do a 1:1 interview or discussion.
Panel Discussions
Bring on a few guests and share hot-takes or opinions about a particular subject matter. Discuss a new game release, chat about a new movie, react to videos or clips together, or chat about anything in particular. Not sure what to discuss, ask chat for ideas!
Advice or Q&A
“call-in show”
Does chat often ask for your advice or opinion on certain things? Use Guest Star to create a call-in advice or Q & A show where trusted viewers can ask their question live, and you can provide your expert (or non-expert) take.
Video Speed Dating
Use Guest Star to cycle through a series of guests quickly, asking quick get-to-know you questions, and then giving people the boot when you’re ready to move on.
Backseat Gaming on Stream
Invite guests on to watch and commentate as you play a game.
Phone a Friend
Stuck on a level? Need coaching and advice? Bring on one of your viewers to give you real-time suggestions and feedback.
Host a talent show
Unleash your inner Simon Cowell and invite guests on to compete in a talent show of your design. Invite chat to help you decide who should stay in the competition and who should be booted from the stream.
Introduce chat to your IRL crew
Use Guest Star to bring some of your IRL friends and family – who chat hears about but rarely gets to meet – on stream! Guest Star is so easy to use, even your parents can drop in and say hi (or tell embarrassing stories about you).
Livestream a Podcast
Use Guest Star to broadcast an interview or conversation, then publish the audio from the VOD as your podcast.
Host a dance party, or a study party, or a dinner party
Invite a few of your friends or community members on stream for a virtual party. You could all eat dinner virtually together and engage in some dinner-party chat with chat, all quietly study or work together, or dance and hang out.
Sidecast and co-watch other content
You and some guests can turn on a sports match, or TV show on another screen (not costreamed) and invite your viewers to do the same. Then you can all watch the game/show at the same time and compare thoughts or share hot takes.

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