What is affiliate

Affiliate on twitch is a way for the streamer to make a income from streaming via bits or subs

What is the Road to affiliate

The road to affiliate (aka RTA) is where we have 12 streamers all support each other for one hour a day to help boost the viewer avg on twitch

How to join

Join the RTA is simple all you have to do is join our discord and read and react to out rules and be active for one week within the server and other members streams 🙂

Why should i join

Well, it’s up to you if u want to join and reach your goals this is a free service, we offer to our members all we ask in return is u follow and support each other

Why it’s just another follow for follow

We do not approve of follow for follow as it doesn’t help you grow, they are empty numbers we are support for support we work together to reach are goals