How to use Guest Star to show teammates gameplay

How to use Guest Star to show teammates gameplay

How to use Guest Star to show teammates gameplay

Twitch’s new guest start mead co op games and just chatting streams even more fun

What you will need for this 

  1. Obs or streamlabs or any streaming software
  2. twitch account
  3. Guest will need a capture card
  4. The know how to use obs


About guest star

  • Guest Star makes it easy to invite, prep, and go live with guests on your stream
  • Guest Slots as Browser Sources in OBS (You only need to set them once!)
  • Host up to 5 guests at the same time
  • Easily swap guests in and out of your stream
  • Capture team mates gameplay.

What can I do with guest star

Since it is not explained on the twitch website Let me tell you the how we can use this to help our content get better for example guest star can be used to get your teammates gameplay  Provided they have a capture card of course.  “One mite say this is handy  for torments  streamers”


How to use guest star 

Ok now guys lets  start learning how to use guest star and getting the content out there


First step

Go to your dashboard on twitch go to stream manger by default this will  be the first page that will  load 🙂  and look for Guest star tab the right of your screen.

And click  it

How to use Guest Star to show teammates gameplay


Second step

Now we can start setting up our webcam / mic

Clicking the cam icon on the bottom of the screen  will  gave you the option of adding gameplay this also works for your guests

pick how many people will be in your stream and pick the number of guests once you have how many guest click next


Third Step

Now add the guests to our Obs so click on the copy browser source so we can add in to our Obs/Streamlabs (open a notepad for this )etc… Once u have them copied  to your notepad click next


Fourth step

now we are on invite the streamers to your stream to  guest star. On the right hand of your screen you will  have the invite option

click  invite and it will  pop up asking do you want to invite you Followers or Subscribers to star in your stream for this i picked subs  all u need to do is click there name and then send the invite will  be sent in whispers


Adding your guests to Obs/streamlabs

open up your obs or streamlabs and click sources and add new browser source  to your scene and paste in the URL for the slots to the browser source and place it any were on your screen And your good to go 🙂


There you have it guys and gals how to get your teammates gameplay wile streaming I see lots of benefit’s off this Guest star if we are in torments or playing co op games with other streams we can add there gameplay to our streams And for streamers that love just chatting or podcast streams they can add guests to there stream a lot easier . Guys i hope you enjoyed this post can you please share on your social  medias or two groups you are in and thank you once again for been  legends 🙂

(Also if you are new and wanna a cool place to chill  meet new people make friends join our discord )

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