Joining as a Guest Star Guest on twitch

Guest Star can have between one and five guests on a stream at one time. As a guest there are a few things that will need to be prepared for the Guest Star stream.

What you need

Creators can invite anyone with a Twitch account to appear as a guest in your Guest Star stream. To join a Guest Star stream, guests will need the following:

  • Twitch account
  • A microphone
  • To be on a computer (mobile guests are not yet supported, but it’s coming soon!)
  • A webcam (optional)

Guest without a webcam

A webcam is not required for a guest to join a Guest Star stream. If you are not using a webcam as a guest, your slot will display the Twitch user icon.


Joining as a Guest

Once a creator sends an invite, the invited guests will receive a notification.

Invited guests that follow the Twitch channel will receive a push notification on Twitch. Guests that do not follow you will receive a notification in their notifications inbox.

Once a guest clicks-through their invite notification, they will first click through a dialog that tells them what channel and stream they are joining Guest Star for, and reminding them of the Twitch community guidelines.

Guests will then be prompted to configure their microphone and camera settings in Guest Star.

After their camera and microphone has been set, the guest then clicks join backstage to let the host know they are ready to be slotted!

Once in a call, guests can choose to leave the call at any time in addition to being removed by the host. Additionally, guests also have the option to mute their camera or mic at any time during a call.

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