Making overlays and emotes for channel

Making overlays and emotes for channel

Making overlays and emotes for channel 

Giving your viewers something to spam


We all love the emotes or overlays that streamers  have but cant afford the price tag people are asking well  what if I was to tell you that you can make your own overlays and emotes for free ya I know your not a graphics designer  but hey eader am I and I mead my own overlay lol and emotes for free and all so did a few others  so let me show you were to go and how to make a overlay/emotes  for your stream

There are many Sites that offer free services  but the one we are using today  will  be Canva as this is my personal fav lol but i will  have a list of other sites that offer the services for free 🙂

what we will be using to make our overlays and emotes

Right guys first you will  need to sign up to canva  you can sign up by clicking here

once u have your account in the search type Twitch overlays  or click here Twitch overlays

This is the page you will  be brought


Now it will gave you a lot of options to edit so pick a overlay and start editing for this one Iv chosen Dark Gray Playful Gaming Twitch Overlay  template .

Frist we will  edit the name on the top of the over u can do this by double clicking the text

Now we can change the background so if u go to the sidebar and click elements  I’m picking Halloween as hey its nearly here lol

now we pick out background I’m going with the one with the bats in the moonlight just drag it over and right click replace background but this theme we can not change the background

so u can add anything really  to the overlays by removing the default element’s 🙂


Now if your happy with the design  in the top right of the screen  click share and download

Then upload the overlay to


Making your emotes

Now were are going to work on the emotes just like the over type twitch emotes to the search bar

This will  bring you to  this page were there is a wide range of emotes for you to pick from

Editing the emotes is the same as editing your overlay.


List of other free editing sites

as i said at the start they are many other sites that offer free editing services so here is a short list of said sites 🙂

  1. staCreate is not the only option for Display Ad Design Software. Explore other competing options and alternatives. Display Ad Design Software is a widely used technology, and many people are seeking sophisticated, productive software solutions with infographics. Other important factors to consider when researching alternatives to VistaCreate include social media and videos. We have compiled a list of solutions that reviewers voted as the best overall alternatives and competitors to VistaCreate, including Canva, Marq, Adobe InDesign, and Microsoft Publisher.
  2. Adobe Spark is an online Adobe tool for quick graphic design. It’s definitely not Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, but as one of the best alternatives to Canva, it does the job quite well.The interface is clean and simple and the onboarding to new projects is streamlined. You can create social media graphics in most of the common sizes.
  3. Design Wizard is an easy-to-use Canva alternative for creating static graphics or short videos. The tool offers templates for most social media assets plus some documents and presentation-style projects.Inside the editor, you have a choice between a static graphic editor and a video editor. They are two completely different editing spaces. 🙂

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