overlay expert

Overlay expert

Get overlays on your console with overlay expert

Overlay expert is a great way to add overlay to your stream The only downfall is that it only shows on pc viewers but is is still a great start  for new streamers / console streamer as you do not need a capture card

What you will  need to use overlay expert

  1. Twitch account
  2. pc or mobile with the twitch website
  3. account with overlay.expert


What it does

Overlay Expert is the first solution that allows you to create dynamic overlays for your broadcasts. With over 60 animations to choose from, layers contents can swap, change and scroll, while the layers themselves can peek and hide. Overlays are created using an online overlay builder and stored online, so your overlay is always available when you are ready to go live.

Our Twitch Extension allows streamers to stream from anywhere – even consoles – with an overlay and without the need for an expensive streaming PC.

  • Are you a new streamer and don’t have a beast streaming PC?
  • Are you streaming from your console, or mobile device?
  • Are you tired of setting up your overlay every time you stream?
  • Are you losing precious CPU resources running your overlay while you stream?
  • Do you just want a better overlay?

Over 12,000 streamers use our Twitch Extension every day! So if you’ve answered yes to any of the above, the Overlay Expert Twitch Extension is just for you!


How to use overlay expert 

  1. First install overlay expert from the extensions on twitch
  2. then sign up to overlay expert here >>> overlay expert
  3. once u are signed up and signed you can now edit your overlay or pick one of the overlays they offer for free
  4. then once you have your overlay u can add the overlay expert panel to your stream manger and toggle it on and off from there

Pros / cons of overlay expert

like all  software it has it pros and cons


  1. easy to work
  2. overlays with no capture card
  3. takes lot of stress of gpu / cpu
  4. great for new streamers


  1. only can be seen if  you are watching stream  on pc
  2. sometimes it will stop showing
  3. mobile user can not see it


Personally I have use overlay expert in the pass before i got my pc and capture card I found it easy to use and to install on to my twitch I was able to control the overlay from  my mobile device as well witch I found very handy as a console streamer. id highly recommend overlay expert to any new streamer

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